Gwendolyn Lootens b.1981 in Ghent, Belgium.
Lives and works in Brussels.

My work: drawing/collage/object/video


2015: Rupert, Vilnius, Lithuania.
2014: WIELS, July-December, BE.
2014: Nida Art Colony, Lithuania.
2013: Open Air, Antwerp, BE.
2012: Recyclart ARC, Brussels, BE.

2007-2009: MA Documentary, RITS, Brussels.
2003-2005: BA Fine Arts, Gerrit Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam, NL.
2001-2003: BA Fine arts, Sint-Lucas Academy, Ghent, BE.

The work of Gwendolyn Lootens consists mainly of drawing and video and movements taking place in between. There is no premeditated plan: the hand draws a line, followed by the eyes, leading the direction of the line. Lines can be followed and extended by camera movements. An intuitive camera wanders and rolls into situations, fragile and clumsy, disconnected from the everyday. Gestures so small one breath could blow them away.
Both drawings and videos are the result of a quick production process. Later, the work becomes part of a dynamic archive. Selections and montages bring the works in connection to each other; whimsical relations based on a moment, a gesture, a shape, a temperament, a sensation, a thought,…